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We’re back from vacation, and waiting on the kitchen table were about 20 pieces of mail. It took a bit of time to work our way through the mail, sorting the junk from the bills and paychecks. There were quite a few bills in there, including… our annual homeowners insurance bill!

I can’t tell you how excited I was to see this bill.  I know, I’m weird. But my husband and I are just so proud to have bought a house, and this bill marks our first year as homeowners!  Our actual closing date was August 24, so we’re really only celebrating 11 months. Still, time really does fly.

Trent at The Simple Dollar recently discussed the problem of homeowners walking away from their mortgage. I guess our family still considers home ownership a part of the American Dream, and we’re working very hard to stay comfortable in our home while still saving for other goals. I do feel sad for those who cannot afford their dreams, or who chose to be so short-sighted as to walk away from their home.

On a positive note, our annual insurance premium went down by $120.  I think it’s a combination of our age (?), a year without insurance claims, and the fact that we added a life insurance policy with the same company. In any case, that’s $10 a month left in our pockets!


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